7 Reasons You Should Start Lifting Weights

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Health is the major concern of individuals because of increasing health issues. The lack of physical activity is the reason most of us are suffering from diabetes and cardiac issues at a young age.

People are now heading towards gym and they maintain a balanced diet for a healthy future. It is often advised that we should lift weight to improve our health but people have a misconception that weight lifting is only for the bodybuilders. Here are 7 reasons that will make you start weightlifting.

1) Burn calories quickly

Weightlifting is like a strengthening workout and after every session, your muscles will need time and energy to repair. When you will give your muscles some relaxation time they will consume the stored ATP and so you will burn more calories.

2) Consume 40% more stored fats

Not only your arms but all the muscles of your body will be working while you are lifting weights.

  • For extra energy body will burn the stored fats
  • You will lose 6 pounds more weight
  • Weight lifting will help you to strengthen your muscles so the fats will not get stored again in your tissues.

3) Mental stability

When you break a sweat in the weight room all your anger and stress is used in lifting the weight. It will help you to manage stress and anxiety easily. Lifting weights will improve your mood and you will find it easier to control anger and other negative emotions.

4) Good for your heart

The biggest benefit of weight lifting is that it will improve health of your heart. You can decrease the diastolic pressure by 8 points if you perform three weight lifting workouts for two months. It will help to reduce the chances of heath attack by 15% and stroke by 40%. Your expectancy of life will increase.

5) Improve bone health

With the help of strength training, you can increase your bone mineral density. It will help you to protect your bones and joints from fracture even in old age. It has been proved in a study that with resistance training you can increase bone density by 19%.

6) Get into shape

when you will maintain your exercise routine with a proper diet plan it would be easier for you to lose weight. You will easily fit into your old jeans and flaunt your perfect figure. It will improve your confidence.

7) Better stamina

Due to continuous weightlifting, your muscles strength will improve. Your body will be able to work in different types of extreme conditions even on low energy resources. You will be able to train your muscles for the tough times by increasing your stamina and endurance. It will provide you the benefits of aerobic exercise and recovery time of the muscles will reduce.

Bottom line…

Weightlifting is not as easy as you think it is. To prevent your muscles from spasm and injury you have to assure that you follow the guideline of a professional trainer. Focus on your posture before you start lifting weights. You should only lift the weights that your body is comfortable with.

It will only take 30 minutes per day to achieve all the health benefits that come with weight lifting. So add weights to your exercise plan today and enjoy a healthy lifestyle.


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